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Social Anxiety and the Sales Representative: An Episode in the Twilight Zone

It seems absurd a big name with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) would end up in a sales career, right? It’s much like the oxymoron term “virtual realism” in that it’s two counteract worlds colliding. Read More »

Effective L and D on a Budget

With the fall-out of the last 18 months, HR and L & D Managers must now get even more creative. With their budgets cut, and the team decimated, those left settled in the L & D team must now find … Continue reading

ABC – Always Be Closing

I love to close! This section covers basic dying characteristics and strategies. Examine them all and try them out. Read More »

What Am I Selling, and What Is My Message?

My first real commissioned sales job was advertising Kirby vacuum cleaners door to door in Orlando, Florida. It was many years later that I realized the confidential to my booming advertising was that I was BEE-ing in link. When somebody … Continue reading

Understanding the Four Types of People in the World

Research indicates there are four types of fill. The Social styles are keys to settlement how fill make decisions and buy harvest. If you can master the settlement of do styles you will turn into a master salesman. Read More … Continue reading

Price Is NOT the Reason Why You Lost the Deal

While only 7% of the maximum-priced bids are awarded the deal, ONLY 4% of the lowly-priced bids sooner or later win the deal. 52% of the technically better bid ended up bringing up the rear, while 80% of the bids … Continue reading

Do You Mind If I Ask You a Question?

Anyone who has ever watched a midnight rerun of a Columbo episode knows that the charm of the creature Peter Falk has portrayed on small screen for years is based on his pure curiosity and strong-willed diligence to delegate. Without … Continue reading

Rapport: It Only Takes a Minute

Rapport can only take a tiny, but if you do not take the tiny it will cost you the sale. Learn three strategies, that certification affinity at once. Read More »

Why Sales Training Fails

The goal of every sales exercise pursuit is to harvest reckonable fallout. Unfortunately, many fail to do just that. Sales managers and trainers spend time and energy doing sales exercise but fallout are not available. We will explore the twelve … Continue reading

Fall in Love With the Word NO!

Falling in love with the word “NO” is one of the hardest parts of being in sales-above all if you are a solo capitalist and functioning on your own. To be unbeaten you must make “NO” a ally not a … Continue reading